Tuesday, May 24, 2011

st. johns! zack's prom and birthday

preston and i were in town the weekend of st. johns prom! its crazy that i went to prom 3 years ago... i'm already getting old. darn it! zack and his date looked good together, i guess what i should say is that zack's date made him look good!

karli and i fight over preston when we are together. our battles sound something like this...

"he was my brother first" -karli
"i'm his wife and thats means he loves me more" -me
"no way, he loves me more" - karli
"nope, thats why he gave ME this huge diamond." -me
"well... he gave ME this teddy bear" -karli
"mine was more expansive, so that means he loves me more so HA" -me

.... little immature on my part, i know. but she always tries to sit between us during movies and i have to make sure she knows thats my spot. hahaha! i absolutely love that little girl, she is a hoot.

st. johns high school has this thing called "the grand march" where all the parents come and sit in the auditorium and watch all the couples walk from the stage to the back of the seats. everyone claps and takes pictures and its fun! kinda weird that all the dance participants can fit on the stage (where they hold their dance every year). but whatever works i guess :)

the day after prom was zack's birthday. i can't believe he is only 18... this kid is HUGE.

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