Friday, May 27, 2011

Hazy - Rosi Golan

one of my new favorite songs!

my husband is the greatest....

tonight preston invited andrew and tyson over to eat after selling. so i made potato wedges, green beans, and chicken breasts {i know, i shoulda done more} we all ate and watched avatar together...

after the boys left i started on the dishes, and then... my wonderful husband came and finished them for me. he is too sweet to me!

i am very grateful for preston and everything he does for me {us} he works so hard and is always smiling. he would do anything for anyone... especially me! he is so patient with me, even when i need attention {which is almost 100% of the time, pathetic i know} i love you to kolob and back sweetie!!! mwah.

preston and i have been married for 105 days today... its amazing that its only been that many days, it feels like we have always been married!!! happy one hundred and five day anniversary preston carlos.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

its beach body time....

its officially summer time, and i haven't been the healthiest person this year. so i have decided now is the time to fix things up and slim down!!! i know, i know. people don't think other people need to lose weight, but i don't feel healthy. and by eating healthy {and by that i mean STILL eating} and exercising i am hoping to lose just a few extra pounds.

99.999% of you don't really care about my figure or weight or my health for that matter, BUT hopefully making my decision public will help keep me motivated.

diet for the next few months:
eggs, fruit, veggies, whole wheat everything, water, white meat, and soy milk!

sugar, ice cream, cookies, potato chips, soda, chocolate {my heart is broken}, peach cobbler

applecookie updates

*preston is doing really good with his sales, and he's keeping the other sales boys excited and motivated.

*i cook way to much... i spent money on groceries, nothing else. {no clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair product, etc}

*i went down to the office for the first time today, its a really nice one! {i'll post picture later}

*the weather here is gorgeous, one thing i don't miss about the valley of the sun!!!!!

*we got netflix and watched Easy A last night... surprisingly entertaining

*our bikes are broken right now and need to go into the shop {i took mine off roading and jumped it a few times and bent my rim... she's a towny and isn't suppose to do that i guess. hahaha}

*my finger nails and toe nails are painted a light yellow {one of my favorites}

*my bestest friend came to applecooke new meshico to see me! it was fun seeing her and her husband, hopefully they'll make the trip over more often so we can play!!! it really isn't THAT far.

*my mommy and aunt are gonna by driving through new meschico on their roadtrip back east in july and they are going to stay with preston and i on their way out and on their way back!!! that is going to be so much fun. i love being here in applecookie with my husband and his friends and family. but sometimes i miss my mommy and family... and my pupiter {explination: when i was little i couldn't say grandma for some reason, so i renamed my grandmother wiehrdt (moms mom) PUPITER, and i've caller her that ever since.}

*lately preston and i have been obsessing over this little lady. we LOVE playing mario!!! its challenging, and exciting at the same time.... minus all the gross bloody stuff that newer games have! i sit back and let preston get into the higher "worlds" then when he goes to work, i take over! i never really get anywhere... but its fun anyways! yesterday we got two new controllers from craigslist, because our old controller would PAUSE every time you pushed two buttons at the same time. frustrating much?  me thinks yes.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the sego girls!

preston has 2 nieces. janalee and justin's daughters. they live here in new mexico {we work for them} we've gone out there a few times to play with the girls. they are too cute! but we are still trying to find out how they are related to the wengert family
abby = red hair, brown eyes
brinlee = blonde hair, blue eyes

its late...

mothers day means a lot to me! because i have a lot of mommy's. first i have my mommy {marion}, then i have my mommy {patricia}, and now i have a mommy {janet}. they all mean the world to me, preston and i wouldn't be who we are without these amazing women. i hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day!


preston's best friend andrew lee is an angel. he came over and helped us move out. the kid didn't leave till everything was packed and ready to leave. thank you so much andrew, you are a true friend!

moving was kinda easy, all we had to do was open the garage door and haul everything out. hahaha, i miss my garage!

the grand FREAKING canyon.

the wengert family invited preston and i to hike the grand canyon with a group of people from st. johns! i had never been to the grand canyon so of course we took them up on the offer!!! {plus i figured this would be a good time to let the wengert's know just how tough the new addition to the family was}

we got there friday afternoon and decided to take a walk to the canyons edge. as we were making our was down the path there were deer and elk everywhere. and they weren't scared of people... so me, being the genius that i am decided that i would get as close as i could to this elk so i could get a picture. bad idea on my part!
{especially because i know just how dangerous these kinds of animals are, last winter i was attacked by a deer. yup! i'm stupid. thats the best word for what i am...} back to my story; so i take this picture (below, top) and then i take another step forward... and snapped the following picture (below, bottom) before i am attacked by an elk.

so the dang thing chases me for a few steps as i scream at the top of my lungs and run away... where is preston during this whole thing?! he is standing a few yards away, back turning on the phone. didn't even try to save me! RUDE. hahaha

eventually we made it to the edge and preston let me take some pictures!

aren't these just the cutest brothers.

 this is nathan being all earthy... he's pretty legit

zack wanted to race preston. naturally my husband kicked his butt.... he still has it ;)

after we watched the sunset the 4 of us made our way back to camp and slept beneath the stars! it was gorgeous. i forget the sky has so many stars up there. the valley doesn't let me see them very often :(
the next morning we woke up around 5:00 in the AM and got all ready to go. and we were at the trail head just before 6:00am.
17 miles around trip. shouldn't be too bad right? right... except for the fact that just before we started the hike zack and i made a bet. he beats me out, i owe him cookies. i beat him out, he owes me $100.

nathan dancing across the colorado river 

at the bottom of the canyon. phantom ranch!

the wengert family
{minus a precious few}

on the trip back out of the canyon i wouldn't take more than a few minutes rest, i had to beat zack out. so i would sit for a few minutes and preston would look back down the trail to see how close zack was getting.
we were a few hours into our trip back up the canyon and this is what i see... discouraging much?

i know, i know. this picture is hideous. but i think everyone should see how dreadful i looked towards the end of this hike. the thought going through my head at this moment... "only a couple more hours till i'm out of this big stupid hole in the earth, never again... NEVER AGAIN!!!"

eventually we did make it out of the canyon. preston and i got out around 4. i was the third person from our group to get out, preston was fourth, and little zack was fifth! the only reason i beat preston was because i ran the last few yards... i like winning! and i know i will never get $100, but i don't need the money. i have my pride! thank you very much for letting everyone know how tough i am zack. maybe next year!!!!!

we all made it out alive.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

st. johns! zack's prom and birthday

preston and i were in town the weekend of st. johns prom! its crazy that i went to prom 3 years ago... i'm already getting old. darn it! zack and his date looked good together, i guess what i should say is that zack's date made him look good!

karli and i fight over preston when we are together. our battles sound something like this...

"he was my brother first" -karli
"i'm his wife and thats means he loves me more" -me
"no way, he loves me more" - karli
"nope, thats why he gave ME this huge diamond." -me
"well... he gave ME this teddy bear" -karli
"mine was more expansive, so that means he loves me more so HA" -me

.... little immature on my part, i know. but she always tries to sit between us during movies and i have to make sure she knows thats my spot. hahaha! i absolutely love that little girl, she is a hoot.

st. johns high school has this thing called "the grand march" where all the parents come and sit in the auditorium and watch all the couples walk from the stage to the back of the seats. everyone claps and takes pictures and its fun! kinda weird that all the dance participants can fit on the stage (where they hold their dance every year). but whatever works i guess :)

the day after prom was zack's birthday. i can't believe he is only 18... this kid is HUGE.

Friends Weddings {end of april}

my high school friend, karie althoff married the love of her life joey. she looked beautiful

preston and i driving from the wedding to the reception hall

@ the reception

we left karie and joey's reception early so we could drive up to snowflake just in time to make it to one of preston's best friends wedding. cord and brittany are adorable together!!! so happy for them.

it was a long day. but it was jam packed with love!!!

Easter Sunday!

so.... i decided that i'm going to make cupcakes for every holiday! they are so cute, and easy gifts. these are my Easter cupcakes. they were very nummy!

milissa, nathan, preston, and myself ate Easter dinner together. at our casa! it was a beautiful day. so naturally we ate outside on our picnic table. i cooked an 18 pound honey glazed ham, funeral potatoes, homemade rolls, green bean casserole, and we drink glass bottled soda. it was a fantastic meal. 

my {big} little sister milissa aka shorty.

me and my lover! 

Our Weekend Adventure to Prescott Valley

preston and i rode to prescott valley a few weeks back to spend some time with the howden family (craig&chris) before we moved to applecookie. it was so much fun playing with isaac and my twins all weekend long! here are some pictures from our trip.

we played basketball with isaac.
we played in the sand with isaac.
we played cars with isaac. 
and we colored easter eggs with isaac! 

and we got to spend a lot of time with luke and jonah. these kids are so sweet. i just love them!

preston fell asleep during tummy time... it was adorable!