Friday, July 29, 2011

our swing!

for those of you who don't know.

preston and i have a little thing for porch swings, and one inparticular!  on march 2nd of 2010 preston and i met in snowflake arizona for our very first date. we ended up at my parents 2nd home sitting on this swing, and that is where preston kissed me for the first time. 7 months after our first kiss (on a porch swing) preston asked me to be his forever and ever... on a porch swing!

so you see. we are porch swing lovers! this picture was taken over the 24th of july this year. it makes me smile everytime! one day, when we buy our home we will have a porch swing. hopefully my dad will give in and let us buy this swing from him!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

nummy bacon

maybe i am really late on finding this little secret out, but just in case you don't know yet... there is a way to make bacon taste even better! i didn't believe it.

now i believe.

take a jelly roll sheet, line it with tin foil and place your desired amount of bacon strips. (spread evenly apart) now sprinkle brown sugar on top... try different amounts to see what you like the best. now throw the bacon (on the jelly roll sheet) into a pre-heat oven (350) keep an even on your bacon, flip it when its getting close to being done. when its cooked to your liking let cook and eat your heart out!!

seriously tastes to good.

24th festivities!

preston and his buddy andrew drove to snowflake friday morning to pick me up from my momma's house. he brought his hot biker chick along, her name is taylor (i think) haha

isaac loved seeing the motorcycles, and he liked the fire helmet!

preston FORCED me to put a helmet on, i HATE wearing helmets! i had to poke his nose to let him know how upset i was at him for being a bully.

when preston and i got to st johns friday morning we rushed over to his high school football field so he could relive his glory days!!! haha, they had a little throwing league. preston's team won, he was the sexiest man out there.

preston and nathan did the egg toss together at the rodeo!

after the rodeo, my family came to st johns for the camp fire round up!

the girls on the family (above)
my little nephew and my shorty (below)

beautiful cambria, abbie, and my love bug at the round up!

isaac is in the 'not smiling for pictures' phase!!!

uncle jim, grandpa nelson, mommy and daddy.

this is my little bro (in-law) zachary, isn't he handsome?! and single.... haha

my sister christina and her baby boys! (luke and jonah)

after the round up preston and i went to the st johns family dance! we danced our little hearts out. saturday morning preston and i were in snowflake for the pioneer day parade! this is my grandma and grandpa :)

craig and tina!

me and isaac waving for candy during the parade. he's adorable

i love this picture, i want twins soooo bad! maybe one day preston and i will have a set of our own.

after the parade we went back to st johns and went shooting with our buddy andrew. i caught a horny toad, he was so little and so cute!

the boys used .223 bullets as ear plugs! are they gangster or are they gangster?!

i'm in love with him boy!


after shooting we went to the st johns pioneer day program (which was hilarious) then we went to the adult dance, and once again danced the night away! we had a blast spending time with our friends and family all weekend long. its amazing how much we take for granted. we are so blessed.

i want one.....

preston wants this kind of dog so bad! whenever he sees one he gets all giddy, its adorable. i know the video is too big for my blog, but whatevs

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

barbra streisand.

i seriously love this lady! i watch 'Funny Girl" at least once every two weeks. its a little ridiculous, and it drives preston crazy. but she is so beautiful, and has an amazing voice!!!

cookie recipe!!!

the most amazing oatmeal, chocolate chip, coconut cookies ever!


1 cup packed brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 cup softened butter
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 1/2 cups flower
3 cups (old fashion rolled) oats
-shredded coconut
-chocolate chips



-cream together butter and sugars (brown&white), then add eggs. beat well.
-mix in salt, baking soda & powder.
-add flour oats, then add however much coconut and chocolate chips you want!!!!

lay wax paper on cookie sheet and drop tablespoon sized dough balls and cook for 6-10 minutes!

shish kabobs @ the sego's casa!

a few weeks ago janalee and justin had some friends over to their house for shish kabobs. and let me tell you what, those were the best dang shish kabobs i have ever had in my life!!!! not even kidding. we were there for HOURS! talking about how china is going to take over the government and what kinds of weapons we'll need... all in all it was an entertaining and fun filled evening! thank you for having us sego family.

beef stroganoff

this is one of my very favorite recipes! i've been making it for years, but i've never completely stuck to the recipes measurements. so feel free to season this dish however you want! 

you will need the following ingredients:

1 white onion
2 lbs. round steak (BEEF)
2 cups water
2 cubes/teaspoons beef bouillon
2 tablespoons katsup
1 tablespoons mustard
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1-2 minced cloves of garlic
4 drops Tabasco sauce
5 tablespoons flours
seaons of your choice
{i use garlic salt, black pepper, mrs. dash, italian seasoning, seasoned salt}
1 pint sour cream
serve on rice {my favorite} or noodles {never tried it, i like my rice}

finely chop your onion and cut your beef into nickel/quarter sized pieces.
throw your onion and beef into a big/deep cooking pan and stir occasionally until your meat is browned and your onions aren't crunchy.

now add all of the ingredients from water to the seasonings
{this is were things get tricky}
the only thing that i measure is the water and flour, everything else i do by taste! so maybe just try following the measurements, then taste it to see if there is anything else it needs.
{i added two hand fulls of destemmed spinach to this batch}

cook till the sauce thickens. then add your sour cream!

eat over rice/noodles and enjoy!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

{Mrs. to my Mr.}

it has been five whole entire months since the day i married the most handsome, thoughtful, hilarious, entertaining, romantic, sarcastic, adorable man in the world. i am so grateful for my husband, and for the beautiful day that we were sealed together for time and all eternity! nobody could have prepared me for what marriage has given me in these short five months. everyday is a new adventure with my carlos! and everyday is a blessing. there aren't words to express the love and gratitude i have for my husband and everything he does for me and our marriage. i love you preston carlos wengert, thank you for making me fall in love with you more and more everyday!

{playing house}

preston and i had an amazing weekend, we got to stay out at the sego's house all weekend long and take care of their kiddos while they took a little vacation to colorado! it was a blast. we got there friday evening, i played with the girls all saturday while preston was at work. when he got home we went swimming, played at the park and got mexican popsicles! sunday morning we took the girls to church, and that evening preston's family (dad, mom, cami, karli) got there. janalee and justin got home that same night. all in all it was an exciting weekend.

preston and i both enjoyed staying in a place bigger than a shoe box, and we loved being able to bbq and play in the yard, the girls were adorable, and we got to spend time with family!!!

here are a few pictures from our kiddy pool fun-tivity!

1, 2, 3 strikes your out.

preston took me to a a baseball game here in applecookie new mexico! and it was a blast. we couldn't have asked for better weather, our team won, and a duck flew onto the field and kept flying back after being chanced away.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

happy birthday america!

preston and i went to st. johns over the 4th of july weekend. we got there thursday night after work and stayed till tuesday morning!!! friday afternoon we made our way to snowflake and spent the day with my mommy and nephew alec. my parents have been working on their home up there (in snowflake) and it looks AMAZING to say the least.

we didn't get home till pretty late friday night, but it was so nice seeing my mommy... i've been missing her a whole bunches!

saturday preston and i chilled around the house, it was super nice getting time to sit back and relax.

this magnet is on preston's parents fridge, doesn't he look adorable?! i love him

karli and her cousin sheashea

st. johns has this adorable little shaved ice stand. its always packed and its always so good.

preston and i had a little fire in his parents backyard and made smores.

sunday after church preston and i went on a motor cycle ride to alpine to see what the fire left behind.

the 4th of july was beautiful. preston got to wear his captain america shirt!

brynlee got 1st place in the baby crawl race! she even won a gold dollar.

abbie, sheashea, and karli all did good too! i got 3rd and preston got 2nd.

monday evening we went on another motorcycle ride! we want to buy one real bad, but we need to buy a house first... haha

andrew lee's nephew is sooooo fat. i fell in love with him.

monday night we had a bon fire with some of preston's boys.

all in all our weekend was amazing! we are extremely blessed to live in this beautiful nation with the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis.