Thursday, May 26, 2011

its beach body time....

its officially summer time, and i haven't been the healthiest person this year. so i have decided now is the time to fix things up and slim down!!! i know, i know. people don't think other people need to lose weight, but i don't feel healthy. and by eating healthy {and by that i mean STILL eating} and exercising i am hoping to lose just a few extra pounds.

99.999% of you don't really care about my figure or weight or my health for that matter, BUT hopefully making my decision public will help keep me motivated.

diet for the next few months:
eggs, fruit, veggies, whole wheat everything, water, white meat, and soy milk!

sugar, ice cream, cookies, potato chips, soda, chocolate {my heart is broken}, peach cobbler

1 comment:

  1. You motivate me too! I absolutely love your blog and your cute little life!