Friday, May 27, 2011

my husband is the greatest....

tonight preston invited andrew and tyson over to eat after selling. so i made potato wedges, green beans, and chicken breasts {i know, i shoulda done more} we all ate and watched avatar together...

after the boys left i started on the dishes, and then... my wonderful husband came and finished them for me. he is too sweet to me!

i am very grateful for preston and everything he does for me {us} he works so hard and is always smiling. he would do anything for anyone... especially me! he is so patient with me, even when i need attention {which is almost 100% of the time, pathetic i know} i love you to kolob and back sweetie!!! mwah.

preston and i have been married for 105 days today... its amazing that its only been that many days, it feels like we have always been married!!! happy one hundred and five day anniversary preston carlos.

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  1. zoe your blog is so cute! i love reading everything! i need to start being a blogger again hahaha mine is way out dated! miss you bunches bestie! i love how happy you are :D