Thursday, May 26, 2011

applecookie updates

*preston is doing really good with his sales, and he's keeping the other sales boys excited and motivated.

*i cook way to much... i spent money on groceries, nothing else. {no clothes, jewelry, shoes, hair product, etc}

*i went down to the office for the first time today, its a really nice one! {i'll post picture later}

*the weather here is gorgeous, one thing i don't miss about the valley of the sun!!!!!

*we got netflix and watched Easy A last night... surprisingly entertaining

*our bikes are broken right now and need to go into the shop {i took mine off roading and jumped it a few times and bent my rim... she's a towny and isn't suppose to do that i guess. hahaha}

*my finger nails and toe nails are painted a light yellow {one of my favorites}

*my bestest friend came to applecooke new meshico to see me! it was fun seeing her and her husband, hopefully they'll make the trip over more often so we can play!!! it really isn't THAT far.

*my mommy and aunt are gonna by driving through new meschico on their roadtrip back east in july and they are going to stay with preston and i on their way out and on their way back!!! that is going to be so much fun. i love being here in applecookie with my husband and his friends and family. but sometimes i miss my mommy and family... and my pupiter {explination: when i was little i couldn't say grandma for some reason, so i renamed my grandmother wiehrdt (moms mom) PUPITER, and i've caller her that ever since.}

*lately preston and i have been obsessing over this little lady. we LOVE playing mario!!! its challenging, and exciting at the same time.... minus all the gross bloody stuff that newer games have! i sit back and let preston get into the higher "worlds" then when he goes to work, i take over! i never really get anywhere... but its fun anyways! yesterday we got two new controllers from craigslist, because our old controller would PAUSE every time you pushed two buttons at the same time. frustrating much?  me thinks yes.

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