Thursday, June 30, 2011


preston and i are going to st. johns for the 4th of july weekend! i'm super excited to see family and spend time with preston. pictures will be going up when we get back to applecookie!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

preston's theme song

i'm not kidding when i say that this is preston's new theme song.

he sings it all day/night long!

man oh man how i love my boy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

tondra and the temple

aunt tondra went thru the temple on saturday! the applecookie temple is beautiful, and it was amazing to be there for tondra and spend time with my husband.

love these girls

last week i babysat my little sego girls again! so much fun, i love these babes.

modest is the hottest right?

so i have a problem. well i have a few problems
1} i don't own a modest swimming suit
{don't judge me}

B} i have found a few that i love...
few being the key word there

2} i don't have the $$$ to go blow on a cute new modest swim suit

but here are three that i like a lot.

Friday, June 24, 2011

{tortilla something}

i don't really have a name for this concoction, so if you can think of one let me know. its tough to name becuz it aint soup, but it aint a casserole... however, this recipe is super easy to follow.

you'll need the following;

bag of flour tortillas
4-6 cups grated mexican cheese
2 cans cream of chicken
1 can {rosarita} refried beens
1 can diced green chiles {small}
2 cans shredded chicken
1 container sour cream {16oz/1lb}

i like cheese and sour cream a lot
so i use more.

  1. start by ripping up your flour tortillas into small pieces {around 12-16 tortillas, the smaller sized pieces the better} put pieces into a bowl and set aside for later
  2. mix together {cream of chicken, refried beans, green chiles, sour cream} you don't have to blend the mixture very well.
  3. turn crockpot on HIGH.
  4. follow the order while layering the ingredients in the crockpot
  5. layer : mixture {2-3 inches thick}, cheese {enough to almost cover mixture completely}, tortillas {you don't want to overdo the tortilla layer, place them like a puzzle over the cheese 1-2 layers thick} then do it all over again... mixture, cheese, tortillas... end with the cheese layer on top
  6. let cook for 2 hours on HIGH {tick tock}
  7. serve with salsa, sour cream, and tortilla chips!
  8. makes for great left-overs, just throw into the microwave.


lay off me i'm starving.

i've have quite a few people ask me for recipes, so i guess i'll start doing what i've been promising to do for months now. and that is posting recipes (new, old, easy, greasy)

it should be fun, and hopefully i'll get a chance to take pictures of my beautiful meals before the husband gets to them. keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

is it strange


that i am really excited to send out Christmas cards. i already have it all planned out.

the husband thinks i am bonkers!

i feel, i feel....

believe in yourself.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

me and you

Ordinary? No! I really don't think so,
Not a love this true.
Common destiny, we were meant to be, me and you.
Like a perfect scene from a movie screen,
We're a dream come true.
Suited perfectly, for eternity, me and you.

Everyday, well I need you even more,
And the nighttime too.
There's no way, I could ever let you go.
Even if I wanted to.
Everyday I live, (I) try my best to give,
All I have to you.
Thank the stars above, that we share this love, me and you

Ordinary? No! I really don't think so,
Just a precious few.
Ever make it last, are as lucky as
Me and you.

this video is ubber gubber cheesey
but i will always love this song.


i want to spend a romantic afternoon on a quilted blanket, in the green grass, under the sun. with a peanut butter samwitch, a new cool bottle of something sparkling, and chocolate. what is a picnic without chocolate. and maybe if i find the right spot i can pick myself some flowers, i love yellow flowers.

i also want my bicycle to be fixed. i miss going on bicycle rides. i miss pedaling as fast as a can to feel a strong breeze on my skin. my bike has gears, preston's doesn't. which means i always win when we race... its my favorite! he doesn't race me very often though. preston and i dragged our bikes all the way to applecookie but they haven't moved since we got here. they need to go to the bicycle doctor to get unbroken.

last but not least, i want to go camping. i have always been a big fan on camping, but preston and i have never really been together. and it makes me sad! there is nothing like sleeping underneath the stars! i would love to go out into the middle of no where and set up a little camping spot with blankets and whatnot, then put little candles all around us in a little circle... i know i know, fire safety blah blah blah. it wont happen. but i just like the idea.

my nothing-ness post

if your time is precious, please don't waste it reading this post. i have absolutely no idea what will be said in this post, but i can assure you it will be filled with grammatical errors, random thoughts that have no connection, and run-on sentences. with that being said...

while i was in high school i had absolutely no problem waking up at 4:30 in the AM, never thought a thing of it. now adays i have the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning. i have to set 5 alarms, that end up being snoozed 2-3 times each. then preston has to practically drag me out of bed. why is that? whatever the reason, i do not appreciate it!

why am i so jealous of that dang xbox. its very silly of me, but whenever preston sits down to play a game or catch up on his ESPN news i literally become jealous. i think my problem is that the xbox can be fun and entertaining for hours. and i probly just get annoying! haha. now that we actually have this kinect thingy i want to get a zumba and workout game to play.... maybe i'm crazy but that just sounds like fun.

our downstairs neighbor in this apartment complex keeps on sending in complaints about water leaking into his apartment... i feel horrible, but we have NO idea where the water is coming from, but apparently its coming from our place. speaking of our downstairs neighbor, a few days ago he knocked on our door and asked if we miss places a pipe {at first i was confused} but then he pulled out this little pink smoking pipe from behind his back. i was in shock!!!!! he went on to say that he just wanted to make sure it got back to its owner, we laughed and told him it wasn't ours.

this next thought it going to make you think i'm a baby..... but i miss my mommy! its pretty ridiculous on my part, if preston brings her up in a casual conversation i start crying {not just one cute tear either} tears just start falling out of my face, so preston gets my mom on the phone and makes it all better. embarrassing much? yes.

you want another embarrassing moment?! so today i went on a little walk to the market down the street, and when i was walking back to the apartment complex i was crossing a light {in the cross walk mind you} and a truck wasn't watching and started making a right hand turn when i was directly in front of him... he hit me with his old dumb gold extended cab toyota tacoma, he kept coming and didn't even notice he was ramming into until i punched the hood of his truck. a few choice words almost came out of my mouth, but i kept my composure and kept walking... i acted all mad and tough until i crossed the street, then i laughed the rest of the way home!

a few weekends ago while preston was at work i skyped my family. it was sooooo much fun! christina, isaac, the twins, milissa, and my mommy were all home. i loved seeing my nephews and catching up with the sisters and my mommy. isaac was so confused/excited that he could see his "crazy aunt manda", he just couldn't understand how he could see me when i was in applecookie and he was at grandma's house.


i just got off the phone with my bro-in-law nathan. one thing that i love about the wengert family is that everyone calls everyone on a weekly basis. its weird becuz i have never called most of my siblings, and rarely call some of my parents. but since i have become a "wengert" i have gotten random phone calls from my new family. and i've been getting better at calling my family to catch up.

welp, i'm tired of sitting here but it was nice getting some of my thoughts typed out. i hope everyone is having an amazing summer.

read this...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the wengert's

today was beautiful. the weather was perfect; not too sunny, a cool breeze, and a wonderful tempt! so preston and i went on a little walk and had fun chit chatting in the grass. i love him!!!

st. johns boys...

i love these boys! its been a lot of fun having them here is applecookie with us.

pretending to be pregnant... or really pregnant? you tell me.

merry not-quite-a-fathers day!

preston carlos wengert!

i am so lucky to be your wife. its fathers day, and i haven't given you to ultimate gift of making cute little wengert babies yet....

so i've gotten you the next best thing.

{you're gonna have to wait a few more years for those adorable wengerts boys}

happy fathers day lover boy!

fathers day!

i am so grateful for my dad. he has given me much more than i will ever deserve! he has been there for me when i had no one else to turn to. he is more than willing to let me know when i am being a brat. and a day hasn't gone by that he hasn't let me know how much i mean to him. i am one of many children in my family, but i am so grateful for the opportunity to call him my father, my daddy, and my friend. my world has changed since i've had you in my life... and i am blessed to have you! i love you daddy. 

country dancing... again

preston and i have been to the "dirty burbin" twice now and we love it. we are on the dance floor all night and totally enjoy it. i'm not the best dancer but i'm getting better and better every time! its so much fun.

blast from the past. enjoy

preston's new hair

preston gave in and decided to buzz his hair. i let him do it himself, he missed a few spots... and being the horrible wife that i am haven't fixed it yet! haha. i love you preston, you always look handsome.

Friday, June 17, 2011

miss kristen nieves

this beautiful lady has a special talent of making me laugh everytime i have the opprotunity to speak to her. kristen and i went to high school together where she let me know just how much fun life can be.

she is many things.... loving, caring, hilarious, a good dancer, jokester, amazing, diva, upbeat, a sweetheart... the list could go on and on.

the only thing kristen nieves will not be is forgotten, but she will always be missed.

thank you for blessing me with your beautiful self! never stop smiling.

until we meet again....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a few of our favorite things

so tonight before preston and i went to bed we were talking about this and that and i randomly asked him to name my top 10 favorite things... he proceeded to make this list.

amanda's top 10 favorite things {told by preston}
1} facebook
2} blog
3} chocolate
4} ice cream
5} tanning
6} my bicycle
7} decorating
8} cleaning
9} cooking
10} google

then i decided to make a list of my top 10 favorite things...

amanda's top 10 favorite things {told by yours truly}
1} cooking
2} cleaning
3} photography
4} decorating
5} google {blogging}
6} pandora
7} pillow talk
8} being tan
9} junk food {chocolate, ice cream, candy, cheesecake, etc}
10}doing hair/make up

then we switched, and this is the list i came up with for preston's favorite things

preston's top 10 favorite things {told my his wife}
1} espn
2} saving money
3} electronics
4} food/eating
5} car browsing
6} sports
7} talk radio
8} dr. pepper
9} corvettes

then it was his turn

preston's top 10 favorite things {told by preston himself}
1} corvettes
2} espn
3} larry fitzgerald
4} talk radio
5} nike
6} saving money
7} food
8} dr.pepper
9} car browsing
10} arizona

its kind of a stupid game, but it was funny and gave us a good laugh! try it sometime

**these lists were in random order, and automatically included spouses, friends and family**

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

brynlee turned one!

my other little niece turned one on the 13th of june!!! she is getting so big.
{the baby is brynlee}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the NFL lock out...

this NFL lock out is sooooooo STUPID!

our cardinals need a new quarterback and we can't get one if this continues

plus preston and i need to get ourselves to another game this session... if there is one!! ugh

and welcome to the team patrick peterson. we are glad you've joined us!

the notebook!

oh my goodness, i love this movie! its adorable.
i love that even though they fight, they are still crazy about each other.

preston's half birthday

preston's half birthday was a blast. we had the sales team {andrew, logan, ryan, tyson, and garret} over for pizza and our favorite bottled beverage {ibc cream soda} then we ate some cupcakes and played poker!

i forgot to get a picture of everyone, i'm horrible. just to busy taking pictures of my handsome husband. i'll work on it...

and preston got a new shirt... he has a secret obsession with captain america.

just us...