Monday, July 11, 2011

{playing house}

preston and i had an amazing weekend, we got to stay out at the sego's house all weekend long and take care of their kiddos while they took a little vacation to colorado! it was a blast. we got there friday evening, i played with the girls all saturday while preston was at work. when he got home we went swimming, played at the park and got mexican popsicles! sunday morning we took the girls to church, and that evening preston's family (dad, mom, cami, karli) got there. janalee and justin got home that same night. all in all it was an exciting weekend.

preston and i both enjoyed staying in a place bigger than a shoe box, and we loved being able to bbq and play in the yard, the girls were adorable, and we got to spend time with family!!!

here are a few pictures from our kiddy pool fun-tivity!

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