Wednesday, July 6, 2011

happy birthday america!

preston and i went to st. johns over the 4th of july weekend. we got there thursday night after work and stayed till tuesday morning!!! friday afternoon we made our way to snowflake and spent the day with my mommy and nephew alec. my parents have been working on their home up there (in snowflake) and it looks AMAZING to say the least.

we didn't get home till pretty late friday night, but it was so nice seeing my mommy... i've been missing her a whole bunches!

saturday preston and i chilled around the house, it was super nice getting time to sit back and relax.

this magnet is on preston's parents fridge, doesn't he look adorable?! i love him

karli and her cousin sheashea

st. johns has this adorable little shaved ice stand. its always packed and its always so good.

preston and i had a little fire in his parents backyard and made smores.

sunday after church preston and i went on a motor cycle ride to alpine to see what the fire left behind.

the 4th of july was beautiful. preston got to wear his captain america shirt!

brynlee got 1st place in the baby crawl race! she even won a gold dollar.

abbie, sheashea, and karli all did good too! i got 3rd and preston got 2nd.

monday evening we went on another motorcycle ride! we want to buy one real bad, but we need to buy a house first... haha

andrew lee's nephew is sooooo fat. i fell in love with him.

monday night we had a bon fire with some of preston's boys.

all in all our weekend was amazing! we are extremely blessed to live in this beautiful nation with the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis.

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