Thursday, July 28, 2011

24th festivities!

preston and his buddy andrew drove to snowflake friday morning to pick me up from my momma's house. he brought his hot biker chick along, her name is taylor (i think) haha

isaac loved seeing the motorcycles, and he liked the fire helmet!

preston FORCED me to put a helmet on, i HATE wearing helmets! i had to poke his nose to let him know how upset i was at him for being a bully.

when preston and i got to st johns friday morning we rushed over to his high school football field so he could relive his glory days!!! haha, they had a little throwing league. preston's team won, he was the sexiest man out there.

preston and nathan did the egg toss together at the rodeo!

after the rodeo, my family came to st johns for the camp fire round up!

the girls on the family (above)
my little nephew and my shorty (below)

beautiful cambria, abbie, and my love bug at the round up!

isaac is in the 'not smiling for pictures' phase!!!

uncle jim, grandpa nelson, mommy and daddy.

this is my little bro (in-law) zachary, isn't he handsome?! and single.... haha

my sister christina and her baby boys! (luke and jonah)

after the round up preston and i went to the st johns family dance! we danced our little hearts out. saturday morning preston and i were in snowflake for the pioneer day parade! this is my grandma and grandpa :)

craig and tina!

me and isaac waving for candy during the parade. he's adorable

i love this picture, i want twins soooo bad! maybe one day preston and i will have a set of our own.

after the parade we went back to st johns and went shooting with our buddy andrew. i caught a horny toad, he was so little and so cute!

the boys used .223 bullets as ear plugs! are they gangster or are they gangster?!

i'm in love with him boy!


after shooting we went to the st johns pioneer day program (which was hilarious) then we went to the adult dance, and once again danced the night away! we had a blast spending time with our friends and family all weekend long. its amazing how much we take for granted. we are so blessed.

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