Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i want to spend a romantic afternoon on a quilted blanket, in the green grass, under the sun. with a peanut butter samwitch, a new cool bottle of something sparkling, and chocolate. what is a picnic without chocolate. and maybe if i find the right spot i can pick myself some flowers, i love yellow flowers.

i also want my bicycle to be fixed. i miss going on bicycle rides. i miss pedaling as fast as a can to feel a strong breeze on my skin. my bike has gears, preston's doesn't. which means i always win when we race... its my favorite! he doesn't race me very often though. preston and i dragged our bikes all the way to applecookie but they haven't moved since we got here. they need to go to the bicycle doctor to get unbroken.

last but not least, i want to go camping. i have always been a big fan on camping, but preston and i have never really been together. and it makes me sad! there is nothing like sleeping underneath the stars! i would love to go out into the middle of no where and set up a little camping spot with blankets and whatnot, then put little candles all around us in a little circle... i know i know, fire safety blah blah blah. it wont happen. but i just like the idea.

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