Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my nothing-ness post

if your time is precious, please don't waste it reading this post. i have absolutely no idea what will be said in this post, but i can assure you it will be filled with grammatical errors, random thoughts that have no connection, and run-on sentences. with that being said...

while i was in high school i had absolutely no problem waking up at 4:30 in the AM, never thought a thing of it. now adays i have the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning. i have to set 5 alarms, that end up being snoozed 2-3 times each. then preston has to practically drag me out of bed. why is that? whatever the reason, i do not appreciate it!

why am i so jealous of that dang xbox. its very silly of me, but whenever preston sits down to play a game or catch up on his ESPN news i literally become jealous. i think my problem is that the xbox can be fun and entertaining for hours. and i probly just get annoying! haha. now that we actually have this kinect thingy i want to get a zumba and workout game to play.... maybe i'm crazy but that just sounds like fun.

our downstairs neighbor in this apartment complex keeps on sending in complaints about water leaking into his apartment... i feel horrible, but we have NO idea where the water is coming from, but apparently its coming from our place. speaking of our downstairs neighbor, a few days ago he knocked on our door and asked if we miss places a pipe {at first i was confused} but then he pulled out this little pink smoking pipe from behind his back. i was in shock!!!!! he went on to say that he just wanted to make sure it got back to its owner, we laughed and told him it wasn't ours.

this next thought it going to make you think i'm a baby..... but i miss my mommy! its pretty ridiculous on my part, if preston brings her up in a casual conversation i start crying {not just one cute tear either} tears just start falling out of my face, so preston gets my mom on the phone and makes it all better. embarrassing much? yes.

you want another embarrassing moment?! so today i went on a little walk to the market down the street, and when i was walking back to the apartment complex i was crossing a light {in the cross walk mind you} and a truck wasn't watching and started making a right hand turn when i was directly in front of him... he hit me with his old dumb gold extended cab toyota tacoma, he kept coming and didn't even notice he was ramming into until i punched the hood of his truck. a few choice words almost came out of my mouth, but i kept my composure and kept walking... i acted all mad and tough until i crossed the street, then i laughed the rest of the way home!

a few weekends ago while preston was at work i skyped my family. it was sooooo much fun! christina, isaac, the twins, milissa, and my mommy were all home. i loved seeing my nephews and catching up with the sisters and my mommy. isaac was so confused/excited that he could see his "crazy aunt manda", he just couldn't understand how he could see me when i was in applecookie and he was at grandma's house.


i just got off the phone with my bro-in-law nathan. one thing that i love about the wengert family is that everyone calls everyone on a weekly basis. its weird becuz i have never called most of my siblings, and rarely call some of my parents. but since i have become a "wengert" i have gotten random phone calls from my new family. and i've been getting better at calling my family to catch up.

welp, i'm tired of sitting here but it was nice getting some of my thoughts typed out. i hope everyone is having an amazing summer.

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  1. i love random posts. :) miss you mandy. it makes me feel like i know whats going on your life. we need to get better at this. skype date soon??? please!? love you!