Thursday, June 16, 2011

a few of our favorite things

so tonight before preston and i went to bed we were talking about this and that and i randomly asked him to name my top 10 favorite things... he proceeded to make this list.

amanda's top 10 favorite things {told by preston}
1} facebook
2} blog
3} chocolate
4} ice cream
5} tanning
6} my bicycle
7} decorating
8} cleaning
9} cooking
10} google

then i decided to make a list of my top 10 favorite things...

amanda's top 10 favorite things {told by yours truly}
1} cooking
2} cleaning
3} photography
4} decorating
5} google {blogging}
6} pandora
7} pillow talk
8} being tan
9} junk food {chocolate, ice cream, candy, cheesecake, etc}
10}doing hair/make up

then we switched, and this is the list i came up with for preston's favorite things

preston's top 10 favorite things {told my his wife}
1} espn
2} saving money
3} electronics
4} food/eating
5} car browsing
6} sports
7} talk radio
8} dr. pepper
9} corvettes

then it was his turn

preston's top 10 favorite things {told by preston himself}
1} corvettes
2} espn
3} larry fitzgerald
4} talk radio
5} nike
6} saving money
7} food
8} dr.pepper
9} car browsing
10} arizona

its kind of a stupid game, but it was funny and gave us a good laugh! try it sometime

**these lists were in random order, and automatically included spouses, friends and family**

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