Tuesday, August 2, 2011


{this post is unorganized forgive me}

i am grateful for a lot of things

but this summer has been a real eye opener for me. i have been blessed with more than i will ever deserve, and too often i forget just how spoiled my wonderful little life is.

my husband is, without a doubt the hardest worker i've ever known. he is so much more than the handsome, easy going boy i fell in love with. preston is disciplined, focused, dedicated, creative, head strong, self motivated, and hard working.

he is always thinking about our future, with me and our future family in mind. preston is terribly thoughtful and wants me to have nothing less than everything i have ever dreamt of. the poor guy puts up with hours upon hours of me brain storming names for our unborn children. {which i've already picked, wish i could share... but i can't have my names stolen by my loved ones}

preston lets me make decisions, even if he doesn't entirely like the choices i've made. for example, our weddings colors were {white, black, grey, and green} and he HATES the color green. it is his least favorite color... he likes pink more than green. haha, and he still let me have a green wedding!

he is extremely patient. every morning he lets me sleep in, which means we are late to work... every morning! but he lets me sleep, even though it drives him crazy to be late to anything.

last year preston won a bike at school, and i got really jealous that he had a bike and i didn't. so that week he took me to the store and let me pick out any bike that i wanted.

and when i don't feel like making dinner he'll come home from working all day and cook us a meal, and a lot of the time he'll help me clean the kitchen after wards.

i have a problem, every single night {no joke} before bed i have to clean the entire house. dishes, windows, floors, bed, you name it. and my dear husband helps me clean every time, which starts really late on some nights i wont start cleaning till 1-2 in the AM.

i could go on forever about the amazing things my husband does for me {puts up with} but its just about time for me to cook dinner. and he would prefer dinner over a cheesy post. so i better hop on it.

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