Monday, August 1, 2011


preston and i made a little trip to bluewater village (new mexico) to visit his family. his wengert family had a reunion this last week. unfortunately by the time we made it to town almost everyone was already gone! but we still loved spending time with grandpa, carol, tondra trishell and wesley's families.

uncle wesley and grandpa wengert are two of the sweetest men i've ever met. they would give you the shirt off their backs... instead of their shirts, they saddled up some horses and let me ride around two days in a row! not gonna lie i'm getting pretty dang good at this whole cowgirl scene. i even bought some boots!

my horses name was bay. he was very gentle but also very stubborn. little punk!

preston said that one day when i grow up we are going to live in a little town with a lot of land. and he said that i can have a horse of my own. so i decided that i am going to get me a registered american paint. still haven't picked out her name, but she is going to be spoiled rotten!!! and i'm going to have an adorable dairy cow, and a little baby pig, and some chickens, and two african ridgedback puppies.

i am really excited to grow up and be a farm girl... can you blame me?

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