Thursday, March 3, 2011

happy 1 year kiss-iversary!

on march 2nd, 2010 we went on our first date

we started texting and talking about a week or two before we actually met up in person. we had planned on meeting in the near future... BUT, we were on the phone late one night and both of us were dying to actually see each other again so we decided that the next morning we were drive to snowflake! i was in flagstaff (117.86 MILES!!!!!) he was in st. johns (44.53 MILES)

needless to say i didn't get a wink of sleep that night. in the morning i made the long drive. we decided to meet at the snowflake temple.... haha (preston's choice) when i got there he was waiting for me. we chilled at the temple for well over an hour, just talking and catching up. the WHOLE entire time preston was touching me!!! with his hand, arm, leg, you name it. then we went to trappers for lunch, i ate a BLT, it was fabulous! somehow we ended up at my house there in snowflake and spend a couple more hours just talking and whatnot.

when i was locking up the house he sat on the front porch swing, so thinking nothing of it i sat down next to him. we talked a little more, then when i was in mid sentence i looked over at him and planted one on me! and this wasn't just a normal first kiss peck.... this was a long GOOOOOOD one ;D if you know what i mean! hahahaha

i followed him to the gas station, he filled up my car and we headed our separate ways. (i barely made it back for class, and preston had to take his car into the shop) as i was pulling away i was calling EVERYONE. my mom, stephany, my sisters, friends... letting them know how freaking amazing he was!

and that is how we started (03.02.2010)

yesterday preston took me on a date to celebrate our one year! we went horseback riding, the sunset was beautiful! and my horse was sooo sweet. then we went to joe's farm grill and pigged out on food. it was perfect! just like our first date.

thank you for making it so easy to fall in love/lust with you preston :D you are the most amazing person i have ever met! {honor bright} and i am grateful to have you in my life. i love you husband!

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